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Evaluating and Improving Center Research

SENTRY has identified four unique testbed facilities to enable testing, evaluation, and continuous improvement of research projects and the Virtual Sentry Framework. These four facilities include Northeastern University’s Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System (ECUAS), Northeastern University’s Colosseum and Agile Communications Facility, Rutgers “Living Lab”, and Guardian Centers Rail & Infrastructure Training Facilities.

The Northeastern University Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System Facility

The Northeastern University Expeditionary Cyber and Unmanned Aerial System facility enables drone technology discovery and innovation including flight systems and vehicles, communications, sensing, positioning, navigation, and timing. It will serve as an environment where structured test scenarios can be configured that integrate drones, distribute multi-modal sensors, simulate data feeds from public sources, and utilize real-time data processing using machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Visit Northeastern's Facility


Colosseum, housed within NU’s Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things (IoT), is the world’s largest network emulator with hardware in the loop. With Colosseum, any realistic network scenario can be created. In this venue researchers can conduct fully controlled and reproducible radio-channel experiments at scale with technologies that will fuel our research on prediction, detection, prevention, and mitigation of attacks to soft targets and crowded places.

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Rutgers' Living Labs

Rutgers’ Living Labs provide access to campus spaces to observe buildings and people. These include a large football stadium, a smaller soccer stadium, basketball arenas, hospital facilities, dining halls, dormitories, and other contextually relevant environments. 

Visit the Rutgers' Living Labs

Guardian Centers LLC

Guardian Centers, LLC is a disaster preparedness and tactical training center that provides custom services, including complete exercise design and planning, training and certification, and full-service logistics support. SENTRY led attack scenarios can be performed here to help train first responders, provide datasets to facilitate the development of SENTRY decision support algorithms, and for field testing center tools and technologies.

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