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The SENTRY research structure ties the technical challenges of protecting soft targets and crowded places to four fundamental research areas. These areas focus on advanced sensing technologies, risk assessment and deterrence, real-time threat detection and mitigation, and layered security architecture design. Our comprehensive research approach allows for continuous feedback between research outcomes and stakeholder needs and a pathway to transition for public and private development. We hope to see our research develop into foundational results that can improve our ability to protect soft targets and crowded places and advance the development of our Virtual Sentry Framework.

SENTRY Research Areas

Real-Time Threat Detection and Mitigation

A critical component of our Virtual Sentry Framework, real-time data management, and decision support will enable effective protection of soft targets and crowded spaces.

Real-Time Awareness
drone with camera flies in the sky

Advanced Sensing Technologies

This research area is focused on developing new sensing capabilities to detect threats. Our goals are to establish new stand-off sensor concepts for detecting concealed threats in crowds.

Advanced Sensing
marathon runners line up to start a race

Threat Risk Assessment and Deterrence

Researchers in this area seek to develop AI tools to extract insights on potential threats, as well as how to intelligently allocate resources to inform strategic and tactical security risk planning.

Risk Assessment
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Security Architectural Design

Researchers plan to generate principles and protocols for architectural designs that enhance passive security features and enable augmentation with active surveillance and mitigation capabilities.

Security Design