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Developing Venue Specific Solutions

SENTRY has launched a series of case studies to understand the security needs of specific soft targets and crowded places. Ultimately, the intent of these case studies is to develop a pragmatic understanding of the needs associated with specific venues and how those needs translate into an implementation of the Virtual Sentry Framework.

SENTRY plans to develop case studies for soft target venues such as schools, passenger-based surface transportation, sports arenas, places of worship, outdoor events, and retail facilities.

Engaging with Security Stakeholders

Through these case studies SENTRY builds and grows an invested, diverse community focused on securing these venues. By partnering with security experts and venue end-users from the start, SENTRY case studies ensure that the Center develops technologies addressing the right challenges in the right way. These trusted experts provide critical information, participate in case study events, host site visits, and will eventually help inform what concepts might be possible or needed in each environment.

Current SENTRY Case Studies