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Working to Create a Secure Stadium Environment

The goal of the Stadium Security Case Study is to provide information and data specific to stadiums to SENTRY researchers, while establishing connections with venues for continued collaboration. To accomplish this goal, the SENTRY Team directly engages with stadium stakeholders to develop research-based solutions and technology to prevent, detect, and mitigate security threats at no cost to the stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

To effectively advance SENTRY's mission of protecting soft targets and crowded places, it's imperative to gather current, real-time insights from daily operators and stakeholders in stadium security. This data aids in pinpointing and prioritizing security challenges encountered at stadium venues, facilitating the development of tailored solutions. With this stakeholder involvement and the support of government and industry, the Stadium Security Case Study aims to ensure the widest dissemination of impactful information and technologies developed by SENTRY, changing the best practices, processes, procedures, and technology to protect stadiums from attack nationwide.

Stadium Security Case Study Details

Focus Groups

SENTRY plans to conduct discussions with stakeholders and security experts to obtain timely and accurate data about their day-to-day security challenges and future security needs. Read about the first Stadium Security Focus Group, held in March 2024.

Industry Partnership

Industry Partners from the SENTRY Industry Advisory Board will work closely with SENTRY researchers to introduce cutting-edge technology and industry practices to enhance and augment their research efforts. Learn more about a partnership with SENTRY.